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Over the decades our working environments have changed dramatically, following trends and fashions, throughout time.  These office transformations have changed productivity levels and the way we work. So, let’s step back in time and see how our offices have evolved into the environments we work in today.

1960s Office

The swinging sixties wasn’t exactly a golden age for office space and design.  Many a 1960s office would feature endless rows of desks all arranged in a grid-like format, lacking personality or character. Cubicles and partitioned spaces were popular during the 1960s, and remained so throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Colours were flamboyant and garish and minimalist in appearance.

1960a office

1970s Office

The 1970s followed much of the same as the 1960s with garish colours as a theme, however, it was a decade of change, especially in terms of design.  Experimental furniture, high-tech materials, and eye-popping colors were all the rage.  Partitioning and storage solutions started to become apparent in the 1970s.

1970s office

1980s & 1990s Office

The 1980s fashion took a massive turn, with brick sized mobile phones, perms and shoulders pads becoming the must have look for the office!  Computers started to creep in making deskspace cramped.  Designs were largely open plan, as in the 1960s and 1970s, with large metal filing cabinets becoming more imposing. Employees would be pigeon holed into small cubicles, surrounded by partitions.

90s office

The office of today

Today our workspaces are all about innovative designs, visually pleasing displays and functionality.  Bright colours, fresh, open space with the limitation of paper, wires, clutter from desktops and conference rooms to create a clean and simple solution.  

Bringing the outdoors indoors, choosing wood panel installations, exposed brick and concrete flooring, incorporating floral fabrics, patterns and artwork are becoming more popular.  

Functionality is key, incorporating break out areas, calming environments, therefore, keeping workers happy and getting the most out of your workspace.  

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